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First financial year closing party at GirnarSoft

Living in Girnar culture means not only innovations and tons of night outs, where we do whatever it take to make our customer succesful and roll out new features in our products. It also means lots of partying and fun. Thats what our culture is free open one with lots of fun.

A quick introduction of mine. I am Pihu, working on online customer acquisition at GirnarSoft. Another non significant fact about me is that i happen to be Amit's(aka Chicky - CoFounder of GirnarSoft) wife. I have seen the company growing from day one when it was in ideation phase and Chicky and Ricky would spend hours ideating over it :) I still remember the initial time when this company started. It was tough time for all of us, especially for Chicky and Ricky. Our first employee Alok who started with his job from a small dirty room where there was no place to keep even a laptop. It was an office where i would broom and clean when we did not have money to afford for an office boy.

Yesterday we completed 1 year i.e. on 1st April 2008. Wow that’s April fools day, isnt that an interesting fact :) We celebrated this day at Jaipur Club. We all went for dinner and drinks. I already arranged for cake and a balloon filled with lots of candies. Anurag started telling us about how this company was established and how he got his first project. That was a lot of fun, his incidents made us laugh also and we got to know how much hard work went behind getting our first project. Then we started with the cake ceremony. After the ceremony anurag told us how he and Charu both individually made amit’s fool on eventful april fool's day :). Anurag bombed the morning of Amit with him claiming that he is taking a break for couple of years and is planning to pursue an MBA. This got Amit really really tense and he was all out conincing Anurag about running a company and not thinking of MBA at this stage. Charu bombed Amit's evening with her putting glycerin in eyes to create false tears and claiming that she wasn't to quit as her parents are not allowing job any further. Well you could see that tense look on Amit's face as the party began. That look was just awesome. Just before cutting the cake we revealed the prank we had played on him and put a bakra cap on him :) You should have seen him saying i knew all this from before and then giving that sheepish smile :)).
I was distributing the cake to everyone and it suddenly started raining heavily, It was raining but no was bothered of getting wet but was more interested in eating cake and having drinks. Now the downpour was even heavier and we had to run for cover. It was all a mess but no was left the cake, it was yum. Finally we all settled in a room. There we all started sharing our first day at Girnar Software, all stories were fun, Anurag was imitating a lot of people around - it was hilarious. Finally we all proceed from that room to the dining area and had dinner which was tasting exotic. A day to remember - Loved the celebrations. Looking forward to same day next year. Amit has vouched to make charu and Anurag a bakra on this day next year :P

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