Organic SEO vs CPC ads

The advantages of optimizing your site for organic search engine's result in performance rather to pay for PPC campaigns :

1. If you high for organic results, it is ranked (usually) long lasting. So, at this time / money you spend to help you move the ranks, while the PPC campaign is relatively constant over the money is spent and again.

2. Click on organic results is more especially for a very well educated crowd of more than paid results. The more educated your chances, they reduce to click on the ad are a possibility. If you are selling for a high school, you should buy CPC ads. If you are selling to engineers or professors, because you think that's where the volume of SEO is a need to think more about.

3. Organic clicks and also the paid clicks convert. But on an average conversion remains 4.2% vs 3.6% for paid.

4. Reports say that in the b2b environment, less than 1/4th of b2b buyers go for a paid listings in their first try at accessing information.

5. Many consider of Google as a company for searches, but I think of them as a modern media firm with an ultra-efficient mechanism for selling advertisements that work particularly well in the long tail. Like other media companies, Google benefits from efficient pricing of advertising. As more and more niche companies start to advertise on Google, their prices will become more efficient and their rates will become less and less attractive relative to other media outlets.

Organic SEO versus benefits of buying CPC ads :

1. It is fast. You can be up and running with paid ads the very same day you are inspired to move.

2. You can experiment cheaply. The good thing about advertising on Google is that you don't have to create a huge budget for advertising, you can throw as little money as you want, experiment efficiently, get the ratios where you want, and then expand.

3. You can send the clicks to custom landing pages crafted for just the words you bought. This should dramatically increase the conversion rates relative to organic results that more often than not land on your home page.

There are benefits from both sides, so I suggest going for both CPC ads as well as organic seo . To get maximum benefit, I recommend optimizing around some keywords for organic results and buy other keywords.


Cranked said...

If you high for organic results, it is ranked (usually) long lasting.

Actually, it is not.
You will often find yourself washed away by other sites with higher PR that have decided to write about that issue, content stealers that will just copy your site and Google will have a hard time deciding who actually stole the content, and many other factors.
That's the reason _no_ respected SEO will guarantee you no.1 rankings for a specified keyword (and those you do - are just scammers).

However I agree - organic SEO is better than CPC.

Anonymous said...

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