Top 10 Tips to Get Other Sites Link to Yours - Link Building Tips

In technical terms, linkbuilding is one of the processes associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where you exchange links with other websites in order to increase the number of quality backlinks to your own website. Ever thought what could be the solution to make your presence attractive to the webmasters so that they are interested to link to your website? Well, here we suggest 10 link building tips, which have proved to be the most effective ones.

1.Read the “Request for Editorial Consideration” properly and follow it:

Every renowned site has a link evaluation officer in charge. The person evaluates each link and expects you to be aware of the guidelines and specific rules. Most of the people tend to ignore these guidelines or just skip reading it. Well, this time, while ignoring it, think twice. The way you ignore these guidelines, your email may be ignored the same way. And, you might end up with no backlink to your website.

2. Names Do Matter

How would the recipient know that you have not sent the same mail to hundreds of other sites? Well, when you start your mail saying, “Dear Mr. David, I am Frank Jackson and I...”, David knows that you wrote this mail just for him and it is not a copy-pasted content mailed to million others.   

3. Address with the “Name” of the Owner:

How would you like it if someone calls you with your designation, like Hey, Mr. Accountant or Dear Web Developer? When just little research can reveal the name of the web developer or web manager of the site, why don’t you address him with his name! When you write an email with’“Dear Webmaster’, the webmaster has already lost interest in you. Most of the sites provide contact us information with their contact number, address and email id. Calling them and having a conversation is not a bad idea either. Some might not even notice these things, but hey, why will you make the mistake others do?

4. Be friendly but not “over friendly”:

When you get in contact with the webmaster of a website, try to point out a particular topic. You may, for instance, copy the link of a page from there site and post it in the mail saying that “from this content of your site...“ and go on. This will make an impact on the reader that you have thoroughly evaluated their website and are seriously into the business.

5. Introduction to Your Website:

Be precise on writing “all pros and no cons” about your website. Doesn’t matter how much you boast about your site, eventually, they will check it and accept your request only if your site looks impressive to them.

6. Mention the URL where you want your backlinking:

While sending the mail do not forget to mention the exact URL where you are expecting your link to appear, this really helps the ones who own huge websites with hundreds of pages. Mention your site name with the URL of your site clearly. It helps the reader to check out how effective the backlinking process can be.

7. Mention the URL Where You Want Their Link to Appear in Your Site:

When you mention the place where your link will suit best, you should also send them the link to the page where you think their site’s link will suit the best in your website. It gives them a better idea and they can now decide if this a fair deal to do backlinking with you.

8. Send Them a Personal Email Id:

Just to make it look, “I am so much into this deal”, provide your personal email id at the end of the mail, and tell them to feel free to contact you anytime at your personal id for any further queries or conversations.

9. Tell them to ring you up:

If you feel like providing your personal email id is not enough try attaching your phone number as well. Write a catchy line ending it with your phone number for further talks.

10. Send them the link where their site is back linked:

When you show them a URL where there site is back linked, they separate you from the “spam fear”. And they take further interest on your request; at that very moment when your mail is not just deleted out of the hundred other mails you stand a chance for a successful backlinking. Follow the guidelines and close just any backlinking deal!


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